The problem with roofs is that they never get a day off. All year – rain or shine, hot or cold, wind or hail – your roof has to absorb whatever Mother Nature chooses to chuck its way.

That makes regular maintenance and inspections a must, but there is an alternative that can cut back on both – and probably cut down the cost, particularly on large commercial roofs. Coatings can be more cost effective, cutting down on costly replacements and repairs, and offer a bunch of other benefits.

One of the first places roofs generally break down is along the seams, or around flashings that cover curbs and other protrusions from the roof. Those spots are vulnerable to leaks through water absorption and plain old aging. Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing (SPF) systems are covered with a coating, making both completely waterproof and watertight. They don’t absorb like other roofing materials, and create a barrier throughout the roof from water – meaning every drop drains off the roof.

Another added benefit from SPF and coatings is temperature control. The coating’s bright, reflective color will help deflect an enormous amount of heat from the sun, while adding additional value to the building. SPF is also incredible at insulation, which means the air gets contained to the building. That drives down the costs to heat or cool your building in any season, because you’re not paying to heat or cool the air that’s constantly escaping through conventional roofing systems.

Along with those cost savings, the coating also saves money on regular maintenance. The coatings are always up to code, because it is not roof replacement, but rather a maintenance application. The coating system creates a seamless, watertight membrane on the existing roof and roof membrane. That means the coating application can be done numerous times without the additional systems that would require removal per building codes.

Most importantly, coatings can add to the longevity of the life of your roof. Only the top layer of the coating or SPF need to be maintained, and is required to be done near the end of the warranty. Whether it’s a 10, 15 or 20-year warranty, restoring the roof before it’s up can keep those maintenance and restoration costs down.

That puts long, costly and painstaking replacements into the past, as the coating provides a sustainable and durable alternative that’s always up to code and increases the value of your property. Maintenance is clearly still necessary, but it’s not a roof replacement, it’s a restoration. A certified specialist like Synergy Property Solutions is dedicated to the life of your roof, not just getting it installed.

Coatings and SPF can be used on nearly all types of buildings. And the larger the roof, the more convenient it is for the structure. Roof replacements on commercial buildings are often more expensive and time consuming than they need to be, because the parts of the building sometimes need to be shut down while the work is being done. That’s not the case with coatings, as the process is more streamlined than dealing with shingles and sheets. It’s more streamlined than a disruptive tear-off.

Installation of the roof coating does take some prep work, to ensure long-term dependability. The process is also dependent on the weather, so it’s important to get the right timetable for the project, and find out if it’s right for your property. To find out if your building could benefit from roof coatings or SPF, contact the experts at Synergy Property Solutions today.