Winter is coming to a close (probably), and that means it’s a good time to inspect your commercial roof and find out if it’s time for repairs or – even worse – an upgrade.

Commercial roof restoration is vital to the life of your building, and there are advanced options to extend the life of your roof. Coating products have vastly evolved over recent years, and upgrading your roof through coatings can have a dynamic effect on the efficiency of your whole building.

Coatings for commercial real estate are durable, but they can also decrease maintenance costs. Because there aren’t any exposed seams, the coatings offer leak-free protection. Coating systems can prevent leaks by sealing where they are most common – along seams and around fasteners and other penetrations.

A commercial roof inspection can identify any issues that might be going on with one of the most important aspects of your building. Discovering leaks or potential areas that might cause problems in the future can get out in front of costly repairs or replacements.

Roof coatings can deliver strength and durability, but they’re much more than that. They deliver benefits with energy efficiency, and the upkeep is much less expensive than replacing the roof or spending on tear-offs.

One of the best aspects of roof coatings can come through the savings on energy efficiency. Synergy Property Solutions uses the benefits of Conklin Cool Roofs, which deliver a durable, sustainable option that can lower air-conditioning bills and the “heat island” effect – which comes from the re-emission of heat off of roads and buildings in urbanized areas.

Conklin Cool Roofs consist of a white coating that increases reflectivity off of your roof. Because it’s white, it reflects more of the heat than black asphalt or aluminum coating roofs, reducing the surface temperature. That creates energy savings, and reflects UV rays that damage the roof, slowing the aging process of the roof.

The coatings usually require a simple annual inspection, and periodic cleaning, but the inexpensive alternative maintenance can save your business countless dollars over the long run. Along with all the benefits of coatings, Synergy Property Solutions also provides a warranty program to deliver peace of mind. The program also includes a non-prorated material warranty.

Not all commercial roofs are eligible for this type of restoration, but the savings are worth inspecting. And with the warmer summer months right around the corner – and hail season looming – getting the right roof is important sooner rather than later. For more information about commercial roof coatings, and how they can benefit your business, contact Synergy Property Solutions today.